Adelaide (138.60E 34.93S) was founded in 1836 as the first white settlement in South Australia. The city was carefully surveyed by William Light and retains much of its original plan. It is the communications center of South Australia and a major trade center for the surrounding rich agricultural region. The port, located around a bend in the River Torrens (138.516E 34.774S), is sizeable and had modest industrial support in 1941. The population was about 330,000 in 1941.

In 2002, the harbor had 22 berths and a channel with a minimum depth of 36 feet (11 meters).

Rail Connections

Broken Hill

Port Augusta

Climate Data

Elevation 140'

Temperatures: Jan 86/61, Apr 73/55, Jul 59/45, Oct 73/51, record 118/32

Rainfall: Jan 5/0.8, Apr 10/1.8, Jul 16/2.6, Oct 10/1.7 == 21.1" per annum


Dunnigan and Nofi (1998)

Flinders Ports South Australia (accessed 2007-3-21)

Pearce and Smith (1990) (accessed 2014-6-8)

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