Aichi Kokuki K.K.

Aichi Kokuki K.K. (Aichi Aircraft Co Ltd) was Japan's fourth leading manufacturer of aircraft. It was originally founded as the Aichi Tokei Denki K.K. (Aichi Clock and Electric Co Ltd) which began producing seaplanes for the Navy in 1920. The company initially drew heavily on German expertise, particularly from the Heinkel Company. Aircraft manufacture was transferred to the newly organized Aichi Kokuki K.K. in March 1943.

During the war years, airframes were manufactured at the Funakata and Eiyoku plants while engines were manufactured at the Atsuta plant. All were in or near Nagoya. The principal aircraft manufactured by Aichi were the D3A Val, D4Y Judy, E16A Paul, and B7A Grace and the principle engine manufactured was the license-built Daimler-Benz DB 601, known in Japanese service as the Ha-40 or the Atsuta (after the name of the factory.)

In late 1944, Aichi responded to the threat of air attack by moving airframe production to Ogaki and to an underground factory at Seto just east of Nagoya, while engine production was relocated to the Tsu Naval Air Station and an underground factory to its southwest.

From 1941 to 1945, Aichi produced a total of 3627 airframes, of which practically all (3611) were combat aircraft. During the same time period, Aichi produced 1783 aircraft engines. Production was exclusively for the Navy. 


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