AT-9 Jeep, U.S. Trainer

Photograph of AT-9 Jeep trainer

U.S. Air Force

Curtiss AT-9 Jeep


Crew 2
Dimensions 40'4" by 31'8" by 9'10"
12.30m by 9.65m by 3.00m
Weight 6062 lbs fully loaded
2750 kg fully loaded
Maximum speed       197 mph
317 km/h
Service ceiling 19,000 feet
Power plant 2 295 hp Lycoming R-680-9 radial engines
Range 750 miles
1210 km
491 AT-9
300 AT-9A

The AT-9 was used for advanced training of pilots selected for multiengine aircraft. The aircraft was difficult to fly and land, so pilots who mastered were well prepared for modern high-performance combat aircraft, but it had a high fatality rate. As a result, and unlike many other trainer designs, the AT-9 was never produced for the civilian market and had a short service life. Bodie (1991) claims that most pilots actually found it considerably more difficult to fly than the P-38 Lightning.

References (accessed 2012-9-14)
Bodie (1991)
National Museum of the U.S Air Force (accesssed 2012-9-14

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