Bandung (Bandoeng; 107.615E 6.9161S) is the second city of Java, located in the relatively cool highlands southeast of Batavia.   The site was selected in 1810, but no significant growth occurred until the railroad reached the area in 1884.  The municipality was established in 1906, and by 1941 the city was one of the largest in Java, with a European population of about 20,000 persons.

In 1941, Bandung was the military headquarters of the Netherlands East Indies, and it had a major military airfield, at Andir. There were 22 P-36s of 1-VI.G.IV and 2-VI.G.IV stationed here when war broke out. The city and the airfield were protected by 20 80mm antiaircraft guns, the largest concentration in the Dutch Far East.

The town was surrendered to the Japanese on 9 March 1942.

Rail connections:



Road connections:



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