Banten (Bantam; 106.817E 6.167S) is a small port on Bantam Bay on the north coast of western Java. Once an important port for sea traffic through the Sunda Strait, the port was later overshadowed by Batavia.

Battle of Sunda Strait. Banten fell to elements of 2 Division on 28 February 1942, which came ashore against neglible ground resistance. However, as the transports were unloading, Allied cruisers Houston and Perth, which were attempting to escape through Sunda Strait following Allied defeat in the Battle of the Jave Sea,  stumbled into the transport force. The Allied cruisers opened fire on the transports, but failed to detect destroyer Fubuki until it was in torpedo range. The cruisers turned to avoid the torpedoes, which instead hit several Japanese transports anchored in the bay. Sakura Maru was sunk outright and three other transports were forced to beach themselves. The Allied cruisers then attempted to escape to Sunda Strait, but were intercepted and sunk by a large force of Japanese cruisers and destroyers. One Japanese heavy cruiser and a destroyer were lightly damaged.

Allied order of battle

CA Houston
CL Perth

Japanese order of battle

Western Attack Group (Ozawa)

Support Force (Kurita)

CA Mogami

CA Mikuma

CA Kumano

CA Suzuya

Destroyer Division 20

DD Amagiri

DD Asagiri

DD Yugiri

First Air Group

CVL Ryujo

Third Escort Force

Destroyer Squadron 3 (Hashimoto)

CL Yura

Destroyer Division 11

DD Hatsuyuki

DD Shirayuki

DD Fubuki

Destroyer Division 12

DD Murakumo

DD Shirakumo

Destroyer Squadron 5 (Hara)

CL Natori

Destroyer Division 5

DD Harukaze

DD Asakaze

DD Hatakaze

DD Matsukaze

Destroyer Division 22

DD Satsuki

DD Minazuki

DD Fumizuki

DD Nagatsuki

DD Hibiki On loan from Destroyer Squadron 1, 1 Fleet

DD Akatsuki On loan from Destroyer Squadron 1, 1 Fleet

DD Hatsuharu On loan from Destroyer Squadron 1, 1 Fleet

Transport Force

AO Tsurumi

AP Sakura Maru (7000 tons)

AP Tatsuno Maru (7296 tons)

53 other AP and AK

Rail connections




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