British 4.5"/45 QF Mark I Dual-Purpose Gun

Photograph of 4.5"/45 dual-purpose gun turrets

Australian War Musem. Via Wikipedia Commons


Ammunion Type
SAP or timed HE semi-fixed shell.
Star shells were also available.
VT shells were available later in the war.
Weight of round 55 lbs
24.95 kg
Velocity 2449 feet per second
746 meters per second
Maximum elevation       80 degrees
Range 20,750 yards
18,970 meters
Altitude 41,000 feet
12,500 meters
Firing cycle 5 seconds

This gun was used on a number of carriers and battleships and the "Battle"-class destroyers. It was similar to the American 5"/38, but not as capable, with a much longer firing cycle, slower training and traverse, and an inferior director. However, it was capable of firing VT shells, with radar proximity fuses. 

The gun was typically mounted in a twin BD (between decks) mount and the first trial installations were made in 1936. The gun was also adopted by the British Army as an antiaircraft gun.


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Friedman (2013)
Hogg (2002)

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