British 5.25"/50 QF Mark 1 Dual-Purpose Gun

Photograph of 5.25"/50 gun turrets

Imperial War Museum. Via Wikipedia Commons


Ammunition Type
SAP or timed HE semi-fixed shells.
VT, chaff, and star shells were also available.
Weight of shell 80 lbs
36.3 kg
Velocity 2672 feet per second
814 meters per second
Maximum elevation       70 degrees
Range 24,070 yards
22,010 meters
Firing cycle 5-6 seconds (as designed)
In practice, the sustained firing cycle was closer to 8 seconds.

This was the largest quick-firing gun used by the British Royal Navy during the war. It was carried by the King George Vs and Didos. It has been criticized (e.g. by Brown 2000) for having a shell too light to properly deal with destroyers, a traversal rate and firing cycle inadequate against modern aircraft, and low reliability.

Photo Gallery

Details of secondary turret of King George V class

State Library Victoria


Brown (2000)

Campbell (1985)

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