Cap St. Jacques

Photograph of Cap St. Jacques

Wikimedia Commons

Cap St. Jacques (Vung Tau; 107.071E 10.349N) was a small port and naval base at the northern corner of the Mekong delta. It guarded the river approaches to Saigon. Destroyer Hakaze was here when war broke out.

A convoy at the port was struck by a low-level raid by B-24s of 14 Air Force on 22 April 1944, which sank a transport, two tankers, and a cargo ship. On 18 October 1944 the lighthouse was attacked unsuccessfully with three of the experimental TDR assault drones. The port was struck again by Halsey during the South China Sea raid, 12 January 1945.

Road connections

Bien Hoa

"Carrier Strikes off the China Coast, January 1945" (1945-7; accessed 2011-11-20)
Cressman (accessed 2011-11-20)

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