Chou Fu-chen (1898-1953)

Photograph of Chou Fu-chen
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Chou FuCheng (Chou Fu-chen, Zhou Fu-ch’eng, Chow Fu Chung) was born in 1898, in Liaoyang county of Liaoning province, North East China. He was a graduate of the Baoding Military Academy. As part of the KMT Chinese army, he fought many battles against the Japanese in North and Central China between 1925 and 1943. He led the 116 KMT Division and was promoted to Major General of the 53 Army in 1938.

Major General Chou FuCheng was in charge of the 53 Chinese Army which took part in the Salween (LuKiang) Campaign under US General Stilwell to open up the Burma Road. For his outstanding services during this campaign in 1944, he was awarded the Legion of Merit by US President Truman in 1945.

After WWII, General Chou FuCheng took part in the Civil War against the Communists in Manchuria (North East China). In 1947 he was promoted to Lieutenant General of the 8 Army Corps. During the fall of Shenyang (Mukden) in November 1948, he was captured by the Communists, and subsequently imprisoned in a political re-education camp in North East China. Chou FuCheng died in 1953.

Chou FuCheng was married to Fan MingChe (1916-2010). In early 1949, Mrs. Chow Fan MingChe moved to Hong Kong with their four children. Her two sons, Paul and George moved to the US in 1962 and 1966 respectively. Mrs. Chow Fan MingChe herself and her two daughters, Lilian and Alice, also moved to the US in 1973-1974.

Service record


Born in Liaoning province
Major general       Commander, 116 Division

Commander, 53 Army
Lieutenant general     
Commander, 8 Corps

Captured by Chinese Communists


References (accessed 2008-2-5)

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