Comfort Class, U.S. Hospital Ships

Photograph of Comfort-class hospital ship

U.S. Navy


Tonnage 9100 tons standard
Dimensions 418' by 60' by 24'
127.4 by 18.3m by 7.3m
Maximum speed       15.5 knots
Complement 516
1-shaft J.H. geared turbine (4000 shp)
two Babcock and Wilcox boilers
1800 tons
Patients 400

The Comforts were completed in 1944. They were Maritime Commission C1-B hulls converted to unarmed and brightly marked hospital ships. They had Navy crews, but their hospital staffs were provided by the Army.

These ships were theoretically immune to attack or seizure under international law, but both sides violated these rules at times. Comfort herself was struck by a suicide plane near Okinawa in spite of the characteristic hospital ship markings. Although she was badly damaged and her entire surgical staff were killed, she did not sink. Hope was attacked several times by aircraft in spite of her markings, but without damage. 

Units in the Pacific:

Comfort       completed 1944-5-5 (San Pedro)
Hope completed 1944-8-15 (San Pedro)
Mercy completed 1944-8-7 (San Pedro)


Morison (1959) (accessed 2012-8-18)

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