D1 Class, Japanese Submarines

Photograph of IJN I-369, a D1-class submarine

National Archives #80-G-339860. I-369 is visible behind RO-58.



1440 tons standard
1779 tons surfaced
2215 tons submerged


239'6" by 29'2" by 15'7"
73.00m by 8.89m by 4.75m

Maximum speed      

13 knots surfaced
6.5 knots submerged

Dive to 250 feet
to 75 meters


75 crew


1 5.5"/40 gun
2 25mm/60 AA guns
2-shaft diesel (1850 bhp) or electric (1200 shp)


15,000 nautical miles (28,000km) at 10 knots surfaced
120 nautical miles (220km) at 3 knots submerged

110 troops
Cargo 82 tons
Modifications In 1944-45, I-361, I-363, and I-366 through I-370 were converted to Kaiten carriers (capable of carrying five Kaiten apiece) after removing the 5.5" gun.

The D1s were transport submarines (Tei-gata) equipped with a pair of modified 13m Daihatsu landing boats, four rubber dinghies, and two electric cargo cranes. They were originally equipped with bow torpedo tubes, but these were removed and the bow lengthened to reduce the bow wave (which made the boats handle poorly) and the conning towers were remodeled to reduce the radar signature. The Daihatsu were modified to withstand sea pressure at the designed dive depth.

An additional 92 units were planned, but were never laid down due to the shortage of steel and a shift in priorities to convoy escort vessels.

A number of the boats were converted to Kaiten carriers in late 1944. However, because of their poor speed and dive depth, they proved highly vulnerable on combat missions. Three of the boats lost in four dayswhile attempting to contest the Iwo Jima invasion.

Units in the Pacific:

I-362 Completed 1944-5-23 (Mitsubishi-Kobe)       Sunk 1945-1-13 off Truk by Fleming


Completed 1944-5-25 (Kure)      

Sunk 1945-5-30 off Okinawa by aircraft from Anzio
I-364 Completed 1944-6-14 (Mitsubishi-Kobe)       Torpedoed 1944-9-15 off Yokosuka by Sea Devil
I-363 Completed 1944-7-8 (Kure)      
I-365 Completed 1944-8-1 (Yokosuka) Torpedoed 1944-11-28 off Yokosuka by Scabbardfish
I-366 Completed 1944-8-3 (Mitsubishi-Kobe)      
I-367 Completed 1944-8-15 (Mitsubishi-Kobe)      
I-368 Completed 1944-8-25 (Yokosuka)       Sunk 1945-2-27 off Iwo Jima by aircraft from Anzio
I-370 Completed 1944-9-4 (Mitsubishi-Kobe)       Sunk 1945-2-26 off Iwo Jima by Finnegan
I-371 Completed 1944-10-2 (Mitsubishi-Kobe)       Torpedoed 1945-2-24 off Bungo Suido by Lagarto
I-372      Completed 1944-11-8 (Yokosuka)      Sunk 1945-7-18 at Yokosuka by aircraft
I-369 Completed 1944-10-9 (Yokosuka)      


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