Emerald Class, British Light Cruisers

Photograph of Emerald-class light cruiser

Wikimedia Commons


Tonnage 7550 tons standard
Dimensions 570' by 54'6" by 16'3"
173.7m by 16.61m by 4.95m
Maximum speed       33 knots
Complement 572
1 catapult
1 seaplane
Armament 7x1 6"/45 guns
3x1 4"/45 dual-purpose guns
2x1 2pdr guns
4x2 0.50 machine guns
4x3 21" torpedo tubes
Protection 3" (76mm) belt (machinery)
2" (51mm) belt (magazines)
0.5" (13mm) box (magazines)
1" (25mm) aft bulkhead
1" (25mm) armor deck (machinery)
1" (25mm) splinter deck (machinery)
1" (25mm) deck (steering)
3" (76mm) conning tower
1" (25mm) gun shields

4-shaft Brown-Curtis geared steam turbines (80,000 shp)

8 Yarrow boilers

Bunkerage 1746 tons fuel oil
Range 8000 nautical miles (15,000 km) at 15 knots
1941: By the start of the Pacific War, Enterprise had landed 2 6" guns in return for 1x4 2pdr and 4x1 20mm Oerlikon AA guns.

1943: Emerald replaced one 6", the 2pdrs, and the 0.50 machine guns with 6x2 20mm Oerlikon AA guns, 2x4 2dpr, Type 273, Type 281, Type 282 and Type 285 radar. Enterprise replace the 2x1 2pdrs and 20mm guns with 6x2 20mm Oerlikons and a 1x4 2pdr added. The 6" guns were replaced and Type 272, Type 281, Type 282, Type 284 and Type 285 radar were added.

1944: Emerald added 6x1 20mm Oerlikon guns added and the catapult was removed.

1944-2: Enterprise added 4x1 20mm Oerlikon guns and the catapult was removed.

The Emeralds were designed during the First World War in response to anticipated German cruiser construction. The design emphasized speed and firepower. However, the German ships never materialized and the Emeralds were not completed until 1926.

Units in the Pacific:

Emerald       Arrived 1941-12     
Arrived 1943-4
Withdrawn 1942-8
Withdrawn early 1944
Arrived 1941-12      Withdrawn late 1942


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