Photograph of revetments at Ewa

U.S. Navy. Via

Ewa was the location of a Marine Corps air station (158.07W  21.31N) and Camp Malakole was located to the west. Ewa was originally established as an airship station, but by the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor it based MAG-23 with 5 F4F and 20 SBD. There were no hangars, and three of the Wildcats and six of the SBDs were destroyed in the attack.

In a rather odd note, one of the Marines killed during the attack, Sergeant William E. Lutschan, Jr., is reported by some sources to have been killed by his fellow Marines while resisting arrest for espionage (Henkels 2012). However, his remains were later interred at a national cemetary and he is officially listed as having been killed in action.

123 Antiaircraft Artillery Group was activated at Camp Malakole on 28 November 1944. Many other antiaircraft units trained here on their way to the far Pacific.

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