Hasegawa Kiichi (-1944)

Hasegawa Kiichi was an aviator and captain of the Akagi when war broke out in the Pacific. He participated in the Pearl Harbor and Rabaul raids, supported operations in the Netherlands East Indies, and participated in the Indian Ocean raid before being transferred to command of Tsuchiura Air Group, a land-based air group, in April 1942.

Promoted to rear admiral in November 1942, Hasegawa commanded 22 Air Flotilla at Rabaul when it was struck by the Hailstone raids of February 1944, in which he was killed.

Service record

1894-4-15   born
Midshipman Graduates from Naval Academy, standing 27th in a class of 117. Assigned to CL Soya
1915-8-27   CL Tokiwa
1915-12-7   BC Ikoma
1915-12-13 Ensign  
1917-4-1   CL Nisshin
1917-12-1 Lieutenant junior grade
Torpedo School Basic Course
1918-5-20   Gunnery School Basic Course
1918-12-1   BB Hiei
1919-8-1   CL Tsushima
1919-12-1   DD Nenohi
1920-12-1 Lieutenant Torpedo School Advanced Course
1921-12-1   CL Tenryu
1922-4-15   Yokosuka Air Group
1922-11-1   Kasumigaura Air Group
1924-12-1   AV Wakamiya
1925-11-16   Staff, Destroyer Squadron 1
1926-12-1 Lieutenant commander     
Staff, 3 Naval District
1928-12-10   1 Naval District
1929-4-1   Staff, Carrier Division 1
1929-11-1   Sasebo Air Group
1931-4-25   Naval Air Command
1931-12-1 Commander  
1932-4-1   Staff, B-Adm, Naval Air Command
1933-5-1   Trip to Europe, USA
1934-7-2   Staff, B-Adm, Naval Air Command
1935-10-15   Executive officer, CVL Ryujo
1936-12-1 Captain Commander, Kure Air Group
1937-7-11   Commander, 21 Air Group
1937-10-20   Chief, S2, B-Tec, Naval Air Command
1938-4-1   Chief, S3, B-Tec, Naval Air Command
1939-11-15   Commander, CVL Ryujo
1940-6-21   Commander, 12 Air Group
1941-3-25   Commander, CV Akagi
1942-4-25   Commander, Tsuchiura Air Group
1942-11-1 Rear admiral
Naval Air Command
1943-9-1   Chief, B4, Naval Air Command
1943-11-15   Commander, 50 Air Flotilla
1944-1-1   Commander, 22 Air Flotilla
1944-3-29 Vice admiral
Killed in action


Materials of IJN (accessed 2008-3-8)

Prados (1995)

Prange (1981)

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