Japanese 1 Fleet

The main Japanese battle line was designated as 1 Fleet at the start of the Pacific War.  The Japanese Navy was intellectually committed to the concept of Decisive Battle, so much so that the battle line was perpetually held in reserve.

Administrative structure, 7 December 1941

1 Fleet (Takasu; at Hashirajima)
  AV Shinso Maru (10,000 tons)

Battleship Division 2 (Takasu)

  BB Hyuga

BB Ise

BB Fuso

BB Yamashiro

Battleship Division 3 (Mikawa)

BB Kongo (with Distant Cover Force)

BB Haruna (with Distant Cover Force)

BB Hiei (with Pearl Harbor Attack Force)

BB Kirishima (with Pearl Harbor Attack Force)

Cruiser Division 6 (Goto; at Chichi Jima with Guam Invasion Force)

CA Aoba

CA Kinugasa

CA Furutaka

CA Kako

Carrier Division 3 (Kuwabara; at Hashirajima)

CVL Hosho

  11 A5M Claude

8 B4Y Jean

CVL Zuiho

16 A5M Claude

12 B5N Kate

DD Yukaze

DD Minekaze

Destroyer Squadron 1 (Omori; at Hashirajima)

CL Abukuma (with Pearl Harbor Attack Force)

Destroyer Division 6

DD Akatsuki (with Distant Cover Force)

DD Hibiki (with Distant Cover Force)

DD Ikazuchi (with Hong Kong Force)

DD Inazumi (with Hong Kong Force)

Destroyer Division 17 (with Pearl Harbor Attack Force)

DD Hamakaze


DD Tanakaze

DD Urikaze

Destroyer Division 21 (patrolling the Sea of Japan)

DD Hatsuharu

DD Hatsushimo

DD Nenohi

DD Wakaba

Destroyer Division 27 (patrolling the Sea of Japan)

DD Ariake

DD Shiratsuyu

DD Shigure

DD Yugure

Destroyer Squadron 3 (Hashimoto; at Maizuru)

CL Sendai (with Khota Baharu Attack Force)

CL Kashii (with Main Body)

Destroyer Division 11 (with Main Body)

DD Fubuki

DD Hatsuyuki

DD Shirayuki

DD Sagiri

Destroyer Division 12

DD Murakumo (with Khota Baharu Attack Force)

DD Shinonome (with Khota Baharu Attack Force)

DD Shirakumo (with Khota Baharu Attack Force)

DD Usugumo (at Maizuru)

Destroyer Division 19

DD Isoname (with Singora Attack Force)

DD Ayaname (with Khota Baharu Attack Force)

DD Shikiname (with Khoto Baharu Attack Force)

DD Uranami (with Khota Baharu Attack Force)

Destroyer Division 20

DD Sagiri (with Main Body)

DD Amagiri (with Singora Attack Force)

DD Asagiri (with Singora Attack Force)

DD Yugiri (with Singora Attack Force)

Task forces, 7 December 1941

Guam Invasion Force (Goto; at Chichi Jima)      
  Cruiser Division 6 (Goto)

  CA Aoba

CA Kinugasa

CA Furutaka

CA Kako

Destroyer Division 23 From CarDiv2, 1 Air Fleet

DD Kikuzuki

DD Uzuki

DD Yuzuki

DD Oboro From CarDiv5, 1 Air Fleet

4 AM

2 PG

6 SC

AK Venice Maru (6571 tons, 11 knots)

8 AP

South Seas Detachment (Horii) Also designated 55 Regimental Group. Under direct command of Imperial General Headquarters.

144 Regiment

10 Engineer Regiment

15 Engineer Regiment

5 Sasebo SNLF

5 Yokosuka SNLF


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