Japanese 6.1"/60 3rd Year Type Gun

Photograph of triple 6.1"/60 guns on a Mogami-class cruiser
Naval Historical Center #NH 73033


Bore diameter
Ammunition type
Bagged AP and HE rounds.
Illuminating rounds were also supplied.

Projectile weight

123.2 lbs
55.87 kg


3035 feet per second
925 meters per second

Maximum elevation     

55 degrees


29.960 yards
27,400 meters

Firing cycle

12 seconds

These guns were used as the main armament on the Mogamis before they were rearmed with 8" guns. During the war, these guns were used only in the secondary battery of the Yamatos and on the cruiser Oyoda. They were always mounted in triple turrets. A handful were used for coastal defense.

The high muzzle velocity gave good performance at the usual cost of reduced lifetime.


Campbell (1985)