Japanese 7.7mm Type 89 Single Machine Gun

Photograph of Type 89 machine gun

U.S. Navy. Via Francillon (1979)


7.7 x 58 SR with AP, ball, HE, incendiary, or tracer rounds
Projectile weight      
0.37 ounce
10.5 grams
Velocity 2450 feet per second
747 meters per second
Range 1970 feet
600 meters
Rate of fire     
750 rounds per minute
Gun weight
20 lbs
9.1 kg
Gun power

The Type 89 Single machine gun was more properly known as the Te-4, but it was marked as the Type 89 (Modified Single) and was frequently referred to as the Type 89 Flexible even in Japanese documents, which led to considerable confusion with the Type 89 Special. The weapon has been described as half of a Type 89 Special, but there are indications that it was developed independently from the same Year 11 Type light infantry machine gun as the Type 89 Special.

It was used in flexible mounts on early World War II Japanese aircraft wherever space or weight constraints precluded use of the Type 89 Special. It had a gas falling block locked action and was fed from a 69-round self-propelled pan magazine.


Francillon (1979)

Mikesh (2004)
Williams and Gustin (2003)

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