Japanese General Defense Command

In the December 1941 Japanese order of battle, the General Defense Command had responsibility for all Army formations in the home islands and Korea. It also had responsibility for recruitment and training, which took place in depot divisions whose numbers corresponded to the numbers of the regular divisions they supported.

Order of battle, 7 December 1941:

General Defense Command (Yamada; at Tokyo)

  Ship Transport Command Presumably responsible for the Army merchant shipping pool

Northern District Army (Hamamoto; at Obihiro)

  7 Division (Koito)

  28 Regiment (at Aslito)
2000 men

Karafuto Independent Mixed Brigade (at Karafuto)     

Karafuto Reserve Brigade (at Karafuto)

Chishima Regiment (in the Kuriles)

Central District Army (Fujii; at Osaka)

53 Division (Baba; at Kyoto)

54 Division (Katamura; at Himeji)

4 Depot Division (Seki)

5 Depot Division

55 Depot Division

6 Tank Regiment

1 Air Division (Abe) A training unit

13 Air Regiment (at Kakogawa)

9 Ki-27 Nate

Western District Army (Fujie; at Fukuoka)

6 Depot Division (Kayashima)

56 Depot Division (Sakai)

1 Tank Regiment

26 Engineer Regiment

Eastern District Army (Tanaka; at Tokyo)

52 Division (Mugikura)

2 Depot Division (Terakura)

3 Depot Division (Kushibuchi)

51 Depot Division

57 Depot Division (Osako)

Imperial Guards Brigade

17 Air Brigade (Nakanishi; at Chofu)

5 Air Regiment

25 Ki-27 Nate

144 Air Regiment

19 Ki-27 Nate

Korea Army (Nakamura; at Seoul)

19 Division (Kozuki; at Rashin)

20 Division (Nagatsu; at Pusan)

23 Engineer Regiment


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