Type 95, Japanese Torpedo

Photograph of Japanese Type 95 submarine torpedo

Wikipedia Commons


21" by 23'6"
53.3cm by 7.150m
3671 lbs
1665 kg
Range 9850 yards (9000m) at 50 knots
13,100 yards (12,000m) at 46 knots
Warhead 893 lbs Type 97
405 kg Type 97
185 yards/9850 yards or 170m/9000m
270 yards/13,100 yards or 250m/12,000m
Propulsion       Kerosene-oxygen two-cylinder double-acting wet heater

The Type 95 was a smaller submarine version of the Long Lance (Type 93). It had a significantly larger warhead, was faster, and had a much longer range than its American counterpart, and it had a reliable contact detonator. However, its first air bottles tended to leak, a significant disadvantage considering that checking and refilling the bottles was difficult in the cramped space of a submarine. This may have been one of the motivations for reviving manufacture of the electric Type 92 torpedo.


Branfill-Cook (2014)

Campbell (1985)

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