K-XI Class, Dutch Submarines


Tonnage 612 tons standard (surfaced)
828 tons standard (submerged)
Dimensions 218'10" by y20'2" by 12'5"
66.70m by 6.15m by 3.78m
Maximum speed       17 knots surfaced
8 knots submerged
Maximum dive
200 feet
60 meters
Complement 31
Armament 2 21" (53cm) and 4 17.7" (45cm) torpedo tubes (12 torpedoes)
1 3.5"/45 gun
1 machine gun
2-shaft MAN diesel (2400 hp) or electric (654 hp)
47 tons
Range 3500 nautical miles (6500km) at 8 knots surfaced
25 nautical miles (87km) at 8 knots submerged

The K-XIs were built from 1922-1926 and resembled the K-VIIIs. However, they had stouter hulls and added a pair of 21" torpedo tubes. However, the presence of both 21" and 17.7" torpedo tubes on these boats must have complicated supply and maintenance.

Units in the Pacific:


North of Singapore     


North of Singapore     


North of Singapore      Scuttled at Surabaya 1942-3-2

References (accessed 2008-4-11)

Worth (2001)

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