Kondo Kazuma (1890-1945)

Kondo was a very rare duck in the Imperial Navy, an engineering officer who rose to command of a combat formation. This likely came about because of his status as a pioneering aviator and the critical need for air-minded senior officers during the war.

Kondo was targeted for capture by Alamo Scouts on Luzon in early 1945. The Scouts reported rumors that he had been killed by his own junior officers, but he was officially listed by the Japanese as killed in action.

Service record

1890-3-1   born
1912-7-20 Engineer midshipman     
Graduates from Naval Engineering Academy, standing 49th in a class of 60. Assigned to CL Tsugaru
1913-3-10   CL Idzumo
  BB Satsuma
1913-12-1 Engineer ensign
1915-12-13 Engineer lieutenant junior grade    
DD Shiranui
1917-2-26   DD Ushio
1917-6-1   Engineering Academy Basic Course
1917-12-1   Flight training
1918-12-1 Engineer lieutenant
1918-12-10   Instructor, Yokosuka Air Group
1921-4-6   Staff, Temporary Flying Training Center
1921-4-29   Instructor, Yokosuka Air Group
1921-5-4   Staff, Temporary Flying Training Center
1922-11-1   Instructor, Kasumigaura Air Group
1923-10-22   Trip to Europe and United States
1924-5-30   Yokosuka Air Group
1925-1-7   Sasebo Air Group
1925-12-1 Engineer lieutenant commander     
Technical inspector, Bureau of Aircraft, Hiro Navy Yard
1928-4-1   Instructor, Kasumigaura Air Group
1930-12-1 Engineer commander
1931-1-10   Staff, Education Bureau, Naval Air Command
1932-12-1   Instructor, Yokosuka Air Group
1935-11-15 Engineer captain
1937-11-15   Chief Engineer, Carrier Division 2
1938-12-1   Chief, S2, Bureau of Supplies, Yokosuka
1939-11-15   Chief, Bureau of Aircraft, Hiro Navy Yard
1941-1-15   Supervisor for Ordnance, Naval Air Command
1941-10-15 Rear admiral
Chief Supervisor, Nagoya
1942-11-1   Commander, 18 Combined Air Group
1944-4-1   Staff, Southwest Area Fleet
1944-4-12   Chief, Southwest Area Air Depot
1944-10-15 Vice admiral
1945-4-29   Killed in action


Materials of IJN (accessed 2009-5-6)
Pettibone (2007)

Zedric (1995)

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