Kotobuki Aircraft Engine

Photograph of Japanese Kotobuki 1 KAI 1 aircraft engine

U.S. Navy. Via Francillon (1979).

The Nakajima Kotobuki ("Congratulations") was an air-cooled nine-cylinder radial engine based on the Bristol Jupiter. It was known in Army service as the Ha-1 but was never assigned a joint designation. It cylinder design became the basis for a long line of successful Japanese aircraft engines, including the Ha-5, Ha-41, and Ha-109.

Kotobuki 3
640 hp (takeoff)
715 hp (9185 feet)
471 kW (takeoff)
526 kW (2800m)

Kotobuki 2 KAI 1
580 hp (takeoff)
630 hp (4,920 feet)
427 kW (takeoff)
463 kW (1500m)

Kotobuki 2 KAI 2
630 hp (takeoff)
460 hp (9845 feet)
464 kW (takeoff)
338 kW (3000m)

Kotobuki 2 KAI 3A
610 hp (takeoff)
690 hp (10,665 feet)
469 kW (takeoff)
343 kW (3250m)

Kotobuki 41
710 hp (takeoff)
785 hp (9845 feet)
522 kW (takeoff)
577 kW (3000m)

710 hp (takeoff)
780 hp (9185 feet)
529 kW (takeoff)
582 kW (2800m)
Army version of Kotobuki 41?

The Kotobuki was used in the A5M "Claude", D1A "Susie", E8N "Dave", K3M "Pine", Ki-27 "Nate", and Ki-34 "Thora".


Francillon (1979)

Goodwin and Starkings (2017)
Gunston (2006)

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