Kyokuto Maru Class, Japanese Oilers

Photograph of oiler Kyiokuto Maru

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Tonnage 10,051 gross register tons
Dimensions 526' by 65' by 29'
160.3m by 19.8m by 8.8m
Maximum speed        19.5 knots
1 4.7" gun
1-shaft Kawasaki diesel engine (8611 shp)
2000 tons
9000 nautical miles (16,700 km) at 18 knots
93,000 barrels (12,700 tons)

The Kyokuto Marus were completed in 1934 for the Iino Syozi K.K. line, probably with the help of subsidies from the Japanese Navy, which drafted the vessels prior to war breaking out. Very similar vessels (which we also list with this class) were built by a number of other companies before the war.

It is significant that two-thirds of these irreplaceable underway replenishment oilers were committed to supporting the Pearl Harbor strike. 

Units in the Pacific:

Toa Maru


Torpedoed 1943-11-25 by Searaven

Kyokuto Maru

First Supply Force (158W 31N)     

Kenyo Maru

First Supply Force (158W 31N)    

Torpedoed 1944-1-14 by Guardfish 180 miles north of Sorol Island

Kokuyo Maru

First Supply Force (158W 31N)    

Torpedoed 1944-7-30 by Bonefish 125 miles west of Jolo

Shinkoku Maru      

First Supply Force (158W 31N)    

Akebono Maru

First Supply Force (158W 31N)    

Toho Maru Second Supply Force (170W 43N)     
Torpedoed 1943-3-29 by Gudgeon in Makassar Strait
Toei Maru Second Supply Force (170W 43N)    
Torpedoed 1943-1-18 by Silversides 100 miles soutwest of Truk
Nippon Maru Second Supply Force (170W 43N)    
Torpedoed 1944-1-14 by Albacore 180 miles north of Sorol Island
Itsukushima Maru     
Torpedoed 1944-10-27 by Bergall in Balabac Strait; sank five days later
Nichiei Maru
Off Poulo Condore Islands, French Indochina     
Torpedoed 1945-1-6 by Besugo off Kota Baharu
Genyo Maru     
Completed 1941-12-15 (Sasebo Navy Yard)   
Sunk by aircraft 1944-6-20 in the Philippine Sea

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