Liberty Tankers

Photograph of Armadillo-class mobile station tanker USS Stag

Naval Historical Center #NH 75821


Tonnage 3745 tons light
14,380 tons fully loaded
Dimensions 441'6" by 56'11" by 28'4"
134.57m by 17.35m by 8.64m
Maximum speed       11 knots
Complement 79
1-shaft triple-expansion reciprocating engines (2500 shp)
Two boilers
Bunkerage 1700 tons fuel oil
Range 17,000 nautical miles (31,000 km) at 11 knots
7100 tons

The Liberty tankers (Maritime Commission standard type Z-ET1-S-C3) were converted Liberty ships. About 62 such ships were built, a large fraction of which were commissioned by the U.S. Navy as Armadillo-class mobile station tankers.


American Merchant Marine at War (accessed 2009-6-2)
HyperWar (accessed 2009-6-1)

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