Manokwari (134.070E 0.861S) was a small port on the Vogelkop Peninsula of western New Guinea. Occupied by the Japanese on 12 April 1942, it was bypassed by the Allies with the capture of Sansapor on 30 July 1944, isolating the bulk of 35 Division which had moved to the area in preparation for a counterattack against Biak that was later cancelled. In early July 35 Division attempted to retire to Sorong, leaving behind a small garrison (1 Independent Brigade and 28 Special Base Force). A number of the retiring troops were intercepted and annihilated east of Sansapor by 6 Division in late August. Japanese casualties included 318 killed and 215 captured, the latter mostly Formosans. Hundreds more starved or succumbed to illness as they were forced to move through rugged country to the south.

Morison (1953)

Rottman (2002)

Willmott (1983)

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