March Field

Photograph of March Field main gate

U.S. Air Force

March Field (117.262W 33.891N) was one of the U.S. Army's oldest training fields, having been established in 1917 to train flyers for World War I. After languishing in the postwar years, it began expanding again in 1927 and became a permanent operational base in 1931. It became highly visible in the public eye because of to its proximity to Hollywood and its use as a test facility for cutting-edge aviation technology.

When war broke out, the field was headquarters of 4 Air Force, and based 25 C-47s of 18 Transport Squadron, 75 P-43s of 14 Fighter Group, and 75 P-40s of 51 Fighter Group.

Fort Haan, established in early 1941, was located next to the airfield. This was the location of the Antiaircraft Artillery Training Center, with an area of 8975 acres (3632 hectares) with barracks for 2463 officers and 35,584 men in June 1944.

American antiaircraft units arriving at Camp Anza

369 Coastal Artillery Regiment (Antiaircraft)     
Arrived 1942-5-5  Semimobile. African-American.
603 Coastal Artillery Regiment (Antiaircraft)     
Arrived 1942-6-27       Semimobile.

Rail connections


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