Moncada (120.567E 15.733N) is a town in the central Luzon plain, founded in 1875 at the request of a wealthy ethnic Chinese trader, Vicente Tintiangco. The town was military significant as a communications junction.

During the first Luzon campaign, the town was held by 194 Tank Battalion until 27 December 1941, to allow a train carrying troops of 11 Division to retreat through the town. The town was then abandoned to 4 Tank Regiment, and 194 Tank Battalion found the bridge below the town already demolished and was forced to abandon its tanks.

American forces cleared the town of the Japanese on 19 January 1945, capturing the first sizable group of Japanese prisoners of war (almost 200) in the second Luzon campaign.

Rail connections


San Carlos

Road connections



Pasyalan Tarlac (accessed 2008-12-19)

Smith (1961; accessed 2017-1-16)

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