Moresby, Australian Hydrographic Survey Ship

Photograph of HMAS Moresby

Australian War Memorial #301056


Tonnage 1320 tons standard displacement
Dimensions 276'6" by 34'10" by 16'7"
84.3m by 10.6m by 5.1m
Maximum speed       14 knots
Armament 1 4" gun
1 12pdr gun
2 20mm Oerlikon AA guns

The Moresby was a "24 class" survey ship built in 1917 that arrived in Australia in 1925 to help survey the Great Barrier Reef. She was laid up from 1930 to 1933, and in the years that followed funding was very lean for hydrographic surveys. However, she was recalled to active duty in 1942, when naval operations in the Solomons and elsewhere were hindered by the lack of reliable charts.


Australian Hydrographic Service (accessed 2011-11-15)

Royal Australian Navy (accessed 2011-11-15)

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