Morishita Nobuei (1895-1960)

Morishita Nobuei assumed command of battleship Yamato in late January 1944. He was promoted to rear admiral the following October and became chief of staff of 2 Fleet in late November. He participated in the suicide mission of Yamato in April 1945, but survived the battle to be rescued by destroyer Yukikaze.

Morishita was considered a brilliant staff officer and shared Yamamoto's fondness for poker. While observing the American attacks on Yamato, he commented, "Beautifully done, isn't it?"

Service record

1895-2-2   born
Midshipman Graduates from Naval Academy, standing 39th in a class of  89. Assigned to CL Asama
1918-7-11   BB Hiei
1918-8-1 Ensign  
1918-12-1   Gunnery School Basic Course
1919-5-23   Torpedo School Basic Course
1919-12-1   DD Oboro
1920-3-29   Corvette Musashi
1920-8-12   DD Kamikaze
1920-12-1 Lieutenant junior grade
1921-7-1   DD Fuji
1922-4-8   CL Iwate
1923-3-20   CL Chikuma
1923-12-1 Lieutenant Torpedo School Advanced Course
1924-12-1   DD-5
1926-12-1   DD Shiokaze
1927-6-25   Instructor, Torpedo School
1929-11-30 Lieutenant commander     
Naval College A-Course
1931-12-1   Commander, DD Yuzuki
1933-11-1   Staff, Destroyer Squadron 1
1934-11-15   Staff, Destroyer Squadron 2
1935-11-15 Commander Instructor, Torpedo School
1937-7-28   Staff, Destroyer Squadron 4
1937-12-1   Staff, Gunboat Division 7
1938-12-1   Instructor, Naval College
1939-11-15 Captain  
1940-10-15   Commander, Destroyer Division 8
1941-9-1   Commander, CL Oi
1942-4-25   Commander, CL Sendai
1943-6-14   Commander, BB Haruna
1944-1-25   Commander, BB Yamato
1944-10-15 Rear admiral
1944-11-25   Chief of staff, 2 Fleet
1945-5-1   Vice chief of staff, Shipping Supervisor, Joint General Staff
1945-9-15   Commander, Kure Sailor Corps
To reserves
1945-12-1   Kure area demobilization office
1946-2-27   Director, Kure area demobilization office
Chief, Kure area demobilization office
1947-3-31   Member, 2 Demobilization Burea, Demobilization Agency
1947-4-16   Retires
1960-6-17   Dies


Fuller (1992)

Hastings (2007)

Materials of IJN (accessed 2008-6-5)

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