N3N Canary, U.S. Trainer

Photograph of N3N Canary trainer

Library of Congress

NAF N3N-3 Canary


Crew 2
Dimensions 34'0" by 28'4" by 13'4"
10.36m 8.63m by 4.06m
Weight 2090-2802 lbs
948-1271 kg
Maximum speed       114 mph
183 km/h
Service ceiling 15,200 feet
4630 meters
Power plant 1 235hp (175 kW) Wright R-760-2 radial engine driving a two bladed propeller.
Armament None
Range 470 miles
756 km
Production 179 N3N-1
816 N3N-3
The N3N-1 used earlier Wright engines but were mostly retrofitted with the Wright R-760-2 before war broke out.

The Canary, produced by the Navy's own small aircraft factory, was one of the principal primary trainers used by Navy flight schools. It used surplus Wright J-5 engines and was considered insurance for the Stearman Kaydet still under development. The Navy was proud of its design and it was only partially superceded by the Kaydet when the latter went into full production, and it remained in service after the Kaydet was retired.

The aircraft was known as the "Yellow Peril" to its students, not because of any faults in the design, but because cadets who did not quickly master the aircraft were washed out of the flight program. Like most successful trainers, it was a very forgiving aircraft with pleasant handling.


McKillop (2002; accessed 2012-3-12) (accesssed 2012-3-12)

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