O-19 Class, Dutch Submarines

Photograph of O-19 class submarine

Wikimedia Commons


Tonnage 982 tons standard surfaced
1491 tons standard submerged
Dimensions 264'10" by 24'4" by 12'8"
80.72m by 7.42m by 3.86m
Maximum speed       19.5 knots surfaced
9 knots submerged
Maximum dive
330 feet
100 meters
Complement 40
Armament 8 21" torpedo tubes (14 torpedoes)
40 mines
1 3.5"/45 gun
2 40mm Bofors AA guns
1 machine gun
10,000 nautical miles (18,500km) at 12 knots
27 nautical miles (50km) at 8.5 knots
Atlas sonar

The O-19s were constructed in 1936-1939 as submarine minelayers for use at home and abroad. They had a schnorkel system and a partial double hull. The boats were originally named K-XIX and K-XX but were renamed when the Dutch abandoned the K designation for boats intended for use in the colonies. They were loosely based on a Polish design and were a mixture of obsolete features (such as external torpedo tubes) and modern technology (such as the schnorkel and 21" torpedoes.)

Units in the Pacific:


South China Sea     

Scuttled 1945-7-10 after running aground on Ladd Reef in the South China Sea


South China Sea      Sunk on 1941-12-19 off Kota Baharu by Uranami

References (accessed 2008-6-11)

Worth (2001)

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