President Coolidge, U.S. Transport


Tonnage 21,936 gross register tons
Dimensions 654'3" by 81'5" by 32'
199.15m by 24.82m by 9.75m
Maximum speed       21 knots
2-shaft turboelectric
Passengers 4000 or more

The President Coolidge was completed in 1931 at Newport News for American President Lines as one of the largest, fastest, and most luxurious passenger liners in the world. By December of 1941 she had been drafted by the U.S. Army to provide transport for reinforcements to the Philippines, and was returning from such a transport run when war broke out.

President Coolidge was lost to an errant mine off Noumea on 26 October 1942. Though only two lives were lost, an attempt to beach the ship was unsuccessful and she was lost along with the equipment of the troops she was carrying.

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