Photograph of Pusan harbor

Naval History and Heritage Command #NH 99085

Pusan (129.049E 35.106N) is a major port in southern Korea. Located behind the Tsushima mine barrier, its routes to Japan were safe from submarine attack for most of the war. At the time war broke out, 20 Division was based here and the port was protected by a heavy artillery fortress regiment.

Rail connections


Climate Information:

Elevation 41'

Temperatures: Jan 43/29, Apr 62/47, Jul 81/71, Oct 70/54, record 96/7

Rainfall: Jan 5/1.7, Apr 8/5.5, Jul 10/11.6, Oct 5/2.9 == 53.6" per annum


Madej (1981)

Pearce and Smith (1990)

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