San Luis Obispo

Photograph of San Luis Obispo ca. 1876

Wikimedia Commons

San Luis Obispo (120.663W 35.280N) is a town in the coastal ranges of central California. Chromium was mined at nearby Cuesta Ridge (9800 tons per year) from chromite lenses at the base of the Coast Range Ophiolite.

Camp San Luis Obispo. Originally established by the California National Guard as Camp Merriam, Camp San Luis Obispo was an Army training center, with an area of almost 15,000 acres (6000 hectares). At the time war broke out, 145 Field Artillery Regiment was stationed here. By the end of the war, he camp had quarters for 1,523 officers and 19,383 men.

Armored units trained at Camp San Luis Obispo

640 Tank Destroyer Battalion     
Arrived 1941-12-19     
Equipped with M-10 at end of war

Cavalry units trained at Camp San Luis Obispo

7 Recon Squadron     
Arrived 1943-6-26

Rail connections

Paso Robles



City of San Luis Obispo (accessed 2008-12-19) (accessed 2008-1-23)

Stanton (2006)

Van Royen and Bowles (1952)

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