Sims Class, U.S. Destroyers

Photograph of Sims class destroyer

National Archives #19-N-20822

Schematic diagram of Sims class destroyer

ONI 222


Tonnage 1764 tons standard displacement
Dimensions 347'11" by 35'7" by 17'4"
106.05m by 10.85m by 5.28m
Maximum speed       35 knots
Complement 192
Armament 5 5"/38 dual-purpose guns
4x2 21" torpedo tubes
4x1 20mm Oerlikon AA guns
2 depth charge tracks with 12 depth charges each
1 depth charge thrower with 10 depth charges
2-shaft Westinghouse geared turbine (50,000 shp)
3 Babcock & Wilcox boilers
Bunkerage 459 tons fuel oil
Range 6500 nautical miles (12,000 km) at 12 knots
FD fire control radar
SC search radar
QC sonar
1943:  Removed one 5" mount and added 2x2 40mm Bofors AA guns.

The Sims were completed in 1939-40. Their design was initially based on the Benhams, but the signing of the London Treaty in 1936 raised the tonnage limit on individual destroyers to 3000 tons and opened new design possibilities. The final design had one more 5" gun and one less torpedo bank than the Benhams on a stronger and more seaworthy hull. They also introduced the Mark 37 fire control computer. However, the first units came out 120 tons over the design weight and had serious stability problems, requiring removal of one bank of torpedoes and the splinter protection around the bridge and the addition of 60 tons of ballast. They cost about $7,000,000 apiece (1940 dollars).

Units in the Pacific:

Russell Arrived 1941-12-21
Sims Arrived 1941-12-23       Sunk by aircraft 1942-5-7 in the Coral Sea
Walke Arrived 1941-12-23 Sunk by torpedoes and gunfire 1942-11-15 off Guadalcanal
Hughes Arrived 1941-12-25
Morris Arrived 1942-1-11


Arrived 1942-1-11

Hammann Arrived 1942-1-11 Torpedoed 1942-6-6 while assisting Yorktown north of Midway
Mustin Arrived 1942-1-20
O'Brien Arrived 1942-1-22 Torpedoed 1942-9-15 south of Guadalcanal
Roe Arrived 1944-1-31
Wainright       Arrived 1945-5-3



Friedman (2004)

Whitley (1988)

Worth (2001)

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