Sorong (131.270E 0.905S) is a port near the westernmost tip of New Guinea. The nearby Klasmano oil field was just beginning to be exploited when war broke out, though the Japanese did not expand production much after seizing the area in early 1942. The Allies formulated plans to make the port a major refueling point after its recapture, but the stunning successes of American logistics meant that the time and resources needed to develop the fields could not be justified. Thus, invasion plans were canceled in July 1944 and the port was bypassed by the Allied counteroffensive.

At the time war broke out, the port based GVT-2 with three Do-24 flying boats. The Japanese built an airfield here following their occupation of the port on 4 April 1942. The port and surrounding points were seized by a force consisting of seaplane carrier Chitose, a light cruiser, two destroyers, nine smaller escorts, and two transports.


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