SU Surface Search Radar

Photograph of SU radar console

U.S. Navy. Via


Wavelength 3cm
Pulse Width 1 microsecond
Pulse Repetition Frequency     
600 Hz
Power 15 kW
Range 20 nautical miles (40 km) (battleship)
15 nautical miles (30 km) (submarine)
Scan rate 6 rotations per minute
Stabilized parabolic in radome
PPI stabilized to true north
A scope with 2000 yard (1800m), 40,000 yard (37,000m) and 80 mile (130 km) range markers
Accuracy 90 feet/1 degree
30 meters/1 degree
Resolution 900 feet/4 degrees
300 meters/4 degrees
Production: 522 SU and SU-1 from 1/44

The SU was a surface search radar developed from the SK-2 air search radar.  It was designed for destroyer escorts and was equipped with three remote PPI displays and IFF. Since small ships could not carry many specialized technicians, the radar was designed to be as simple and reliable as possible and its components were designed to be easily manhandled through shipboard compartment doors. The antenna was stablized to compensate for the rolling of smaller ships in heavy seas.


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