Photograph of Sydney harbor

National Archives #80-G-610149

Sydney (151.20E 33.87S) was the most important port in Australia, with a magnificent anchorage at Jackson Harbor and a naval base including Flinders Naval Yard and Cockatoo Dockyard.  The population in 1941 was about 1,311,000 persons. There were important airfields in the vicinity and a good industrial base. The city was headquarters of Eastern Command and was garrisoned by a division of militia cavalry when war broke out.

Rail connections




Climate Information:

Elevation 138'

Temperatures: Jan 78/65, Apr 71/58, Jul 60/46, Oct 71/56, record 114/36

Rainfall: Jan 14/3.5, Apr 14/5.3, Jul 12/4.6, Oct 12/2.8 == 46.5" per annum


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