T-IV, Dutch Seaplane

Fokker T-IVa


Crew 4
Dimensions 86' by 57'9" by 19'8"
26.20m by 17.60m by 6.00m
Weight 10,284-15,873 lbs
4,665-7200 kg
Maximum speed       161 mph at 2624'
259 km/h at 800 m
Cruising speed
135 mph
217 km/h
Service ceiling 19,360'
5900 m
Power plant 2 768 hp (573 kW) Wright Cyclone SR-1820-F2
Armament 3 7.7mm FN-Browning machine guns
Bomb load
1764 lbs (800 kg) bombs or 1 torpedo or 3 depth charges
Range 970 miles
1560 km
Production A total of 24 from 1927

The Fokker T-IV was designed specifically for use in the Far East and the entire production run of 24 aircraft was sent to the Netherlands East Indies. Eleven were still operational, mostly in a training capacity, when war broke out in the Pacific. These were hastily fitted to carry three depth charges and used for local antisubmarine patrols, particularly around Surabaya.


Womack (2006)

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