Tachi-18 Early Warning Radar

Photograph of
      Tachi-18 early warning radar
National Archives. Via Nakagawa (1997)


Wavelength 319, 306, 294, or 283 cm
Pulse Width 10-70 microsecond
Pulse Repetition Frequency     
375 Hz
Power 50 kW
Range 125 miles (200 km) aircraft group
6x4 rotatable reflected dipole array

8800 lb
4000 kg
Production 400 sets from 1944-1

The Japanese Tachi-18 early warning radar (designed during development as the Type B Portable Early Warning Device or Chotampa Keika-ki Otsu, Ido-yo) was a mobile set resembling the American SCR-270. It was the most mobile Japanese Army early warning system, intended to replace the Tachi-7, but it was introduced too late in the war to be deployed outside the home islands.

The Taichi-18 was sometimes supplemented by the Taichi-20 for height finders, operating at around 300 cm wavelength.


Grunden (2005)

Nakagawa (1997)

Price (2005)

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