Tai An-lan

Photograph of Tai An-lan Fair use may apply.

Tai An-lan (Dai Anlan) commanded the Kuomintang 200 Division in December 1941.  He was a bold and tenacious fighter, whose division held Toungoo against the Japanese for twelve days but received no support from 22 Division (Tu Yu-ming) and was forced to retreat with heavy casualties.  He was mortally wounded in a Japanese ambush as his division retreated through the mountains to Myitkyina. Described as a man of "ability and force, and considerable courage" (quoted in Romanus and Sunderland 19523), his death was a tragedy for the Kuomintang.

Service record

Lieutenant general     
Commander, 200 Division

Killed in action


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Romanus and Sunderland (1953)

Sih (1977)

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