Tjerk Hiddes Class, Dutch Destroyers

Photograph of Tjerk Hiddes-class destroyer

Imperial War Museum. Via Wikipedia Commons


Tonnage 1604 tons standard displacement
Dimensions 351' by 34'9" by 9'2"
107m by 10.6m by 2.8m
Maximum speed       37.5 knots
Complement 158
Armament 2x2, 1x1 4.7"/45 guns
2x2 40mm Bofors AA guns
4 0.50 machine guns
2x4 21" torpedo tubes
Minelaying capability
2-shaft Parsons gered turbine (45,000 shp)
3 Yarrow boilers
Bunkerage 560 tons fuel oil

The Tjerk Hiddes class was designed with British assistance to be a better match for Japanese destroyers than previous Dutch destroyer classes, and it had probably the most advanced fire control of any destroyer in the world in 1938. The units of the class were still under construction when war broke out in Europe, and only the Isaac Sweers was close enough to completion to be towed away before the Germans overran the shipyards. She was completed in Britain.

Units in the Pacific:

Isaac Sweers     

Arrived 1942-3   
Withdrawn late 1942


Whitley (1988)

Worth (2001)

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