Ukuru Class, Japanese Patrol Boats

Photograph of Ukuru-class patrol boat

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Tonnage 940 tons standard
Dimensions 258'5" by 29'10" by 10'0"
78.77m by 9.09m by 3.05m
Maximum speed       19.5 knots
Complement 150
Armament 3 4.7"/45 dual-purpose guns
6 25mm AA guns
1 3" A/S mortar
120 depth charges
2-shaft diesel (4400 shp)
Range 5000 nautical miles (9300km) at 16 knots
Type 22 radar
Type 93 sonar
Modifications 1944-1945: Armament was 16 to 20 25mm AA guns.

Also called "Modified Type B coastal defense ships," the Ukurus were modified Mikuras stripped of everything not required for escort work. Curved plates were eliminated from the design to allow more prefabrication, bringing the build time down to 4-5 months per unit. Habitability was minimal.

Units in the Pacific:


Completed 1944-10-16 (Tsurimi)      

Hiburi       Completed 1944-8-4 (Hitachi-Sakurajima)       Torpedoed 1944-8-22 off Manila by Harder
Shonan       Completed 1944-8-7 (Hitachi-Sakurajima)       Torpedoed 1945-2-25 off Hainan by Hoe
Daito Completed 1944-9-11 (Hitachi-Sakurajima)      
Okinawa       Completed 1944-10-3 (Tsurumi) Sunk by aircraft 1945-7-30 at Maizuru
Kume       Completed 1944-11-3 (Hitachi-Sakurajima)       Torpedoed 1945-1-28 off Tsingtao by Spadefish
Ikuna Completed 1944-11-15 (Hitachi-Sakurajima)      
Shinnan Completed 1944-11-26 (Uraga-Tokyo)
Yaku Completed 1944-12-5 (Uraga-Tokyo) Torpedoed 1945-2-23 near 109.5E 12.7N by Hammerhead
Aguni Completed 1945-1-17 (Tsurumi)
Mokuto       Completed early 1945 (Hitachi-Sakurajima)       Mined 1945-4-4 in the Shimonoseki Straits
Inagi Completed 1945-1-26 (Mitsui-Tamano) Sunk by aircraft 1945-8-9 at Hachinohe
Uku Completed 1945-2-8 (Sasebo)
Chikubu       Completed 1945-2-26 (Uraga-Tokyo)
Habushi       Completed 1945-2-20 (Mitsui-Tamano)
Sakito Completed 1945-2-28 (Hitachi-Sakurajima)      
Kuga Completed 1945-3-5 (Sasebo)      
Oga Completed 1945-4-5 (Mitsui-Tamano)       Torpedoed 1945-5-2 in Yellow Sea by Springer
Kozu Completed 1945-5-3 (Uraga-Tokyo)
Kanawa Completed 1945-5-5 (Mitsui-Tamano)      
Shiga Completed 1945-5-13 (Sasebo)      
Amami Completed 1945-5-27 (Tsurumi)
Hodaka       Completed 1945-6-3 (Uraga-Tokyo)
Habuto Completed 1945-6-10 (Hitachi-Sakurajima)      
Io Completed 1945-6 (Maizuru)
Takane       Completed 1945-7-3 (Mitsui-Tamano)      
Ikara Completed 1945-7-23 (Uraga-Tokyo)
Shisaka       Completed 1945-7 (Hitachi-Sakurajima)      
Ikino Completed 1945-7 (Uraga-Tokyo)
Otsu Damaged and not repaired while fitting out
Urumi Completed 1945-8 (Uraga-Tokyo)
Murotsu Completed 1945-8 (Uraga-Tokyo)

References (accessed 2007-11-1)

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Worth (2001)

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