U.S. 16”/45 Mark 6 Gun

Photograph of 16"/45 Mark 6 gun turrets on U.S. battleship

National Archives #80-G-K-9410


Ammunition type
Bagged APC and HC shells
Weight of round 2700 lbs
1225 kg
Velocity 2300 feet per second
701 meters per second
Maximum elevation       45 degrees
Range 36,900 yards
33,740 meters
Firing cycle 30 seconds
21.6" at 12,000 yards
55 cm at 11,000 m

This weapon was used on the North Carolinas and South Dakotas.  They were a lightweight version of the Mark 1, firing a heavier shell at a lower velocity (which reduced barrel wear) and with a somewhat higher rate of fire.  There were concerns about the flash safety of the ammunition lifts, but this never met the test of combat since no Mark 6 turret or barbette was ever penetrated by hostile fire.

Photo Gallery

Schematic of 16" gun turrets on North Carolina-class battleships

U.S Navy


Campbell (1985)

Friedman (1978)

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