U.S. 4 Army

At the time war broke out, the 4 Army was responsible for the defense of the western United States and Alaska.

Administrative order of battle, 7 December 1941:

4 Army (DeWitt; at the Presidio)
   47 Engineer Regiment (at Fort Ord)

29 Engineer Regiment (at Portland)

III Corps (Stilwell; at the Presidio)

  19 Engineer Regiment (at Fort Ord)

7 Division (White; at Fort Ord)

  17 Regiment

32 Regiment

159 Regiment

40 Division (Dawley; at Camp Roberts)       Not triangularized until September 1942.  At that time its regiments were the 108, 160, and 185.

53 Regiment (at Fort Ord) Detached from 7 Division when it was triangularized

IX Corps (Joyce; at Fort Lewis)

115 Cavalry Regiment

18 Engineer Regiment

3 Division (Lucas) Under operational control of Amphibious Force, Pacific Fleet

7 Regiment

15 Regiment

30 Regiment

41 Division (Fuller) Square division

81 Brigade

82 Brigade

Alaska Defense Command (Buckner; at Anchorage)      

4 Regiment (at Fort Richardson) near Anchorage

37 Regiment (at Fort Greely)

153 Regiment (at Fort Raymond) 2 Battalion still at Camp Murray, Washington.

201 Regiment (at Fort Greely)

Air Force, ADC (Fort Richardson)      

28 Composite Group (at Elmendorf) 36 and 37 Bombardment Squadrons

  6 B-18 Bolo

18 Interceptor Squadron (at Elmendorf)

12 P-36 Hawk


Stanton (2006) (accessed 2002; now defunct)

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