U.S. Air Force Combat Command

This was the main administrative command for the combat units of the United States Army Air Forces.  Only those forces located in the Pacific are shown here.

Administrative order of battle, 7 December 1941:

Air Force Combat Command (Emmons)      
  64 Transport Wing (at Pendleton AFB)

  16 Transport Squadron

  25 C-47 Skytrain

17 Transport Squadron (at Hamilton Field)

25 C-47 Skytrain

18 Transport Squadron (at March Field)

25 C-47 Skytrain

2 Air Force (Brooks; at Fort George Wright)

2 Bomber Command (Brooks)

17 Medium Bomber Group (at Pendleton AFB)

  52 B-25 Mitchell

39 Heavy Bomber Group (at Felts AFB)

24 B-17 Flying Fortress

42 Medium Bomber Group (at Gowen AFB)

52 B-26 Marauder

2 Interceptor Command (Wash; at Fort Lawton)      

54 Interceptor Group (at Paine Field)

75 P-39 Airacobra

55 Interceptor Group (at Pendleton AFB)

75 P-40 Warhawk

4 Air Force (Fickel; at March Field)

4 Bomber Command (Lackland; at Davis-Monthan AFB)

14 Fighter Group (at March Field)

75 P-43 Lancer

51 Fighter Group (at March Field)

75 P-40 Warhawk

41 Medium Bomber Group (at Davis-Monthan AFB)

52 B-25 Mitchell?

4 Interceptor Command (Ryan; at March Field)

20 Interceptor Group (at Hamilton Field)

75 P-36 Hawk

4 Air Support Command (at March Field)

12 Light Bomber Group (at Hamilton Field)

75 B-18 Bolo

47 Light Bomber Group (at Fresno)

75 B-18 Bolo?


Morison (1948) (accessed 2002; now defunct)

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