Mark 15, U.S. Torpedo

Photograph of Mark 15 torpedo being launched from

National Archives #80-G-413484. Cropped by author.


21" by 24'0"
53.3cm by 7.315m
3841 lbs
1742 kg
Range 6000 yards (5500m) at 45 knots
10,000 yards (9150m) at 33.5 knots
15,000 yards (13,700m) at 26.5 knots
Warhead 825 lbs Torpex
374 kg Torpex
Propulsion       Alcohol-air two-stage impulse turbine
About 9700 between 1940 and 1944

The Mark 15 was the standard destroyer torpedo during the war. It initially suffered from the same detonator problems as the Mark 14: Two destroyers put 16 torpedoes into Hornet in October 1942 but still failed to scuttle her. Its depth control was even worse than the Mark 14, with test shots actually passing under the target nets set up by frustrated destroyermen. Like the Mark 14, it became much more reliable later in the war, but never came close to matching the Long Lance.


Campbell (1985)

Newpower (2006)

Wildenberg and Polmar (2010)

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