Mark 8, U.S. Torpedo

Photograph of Mark 8 torpedo on PT boat

U.S. Navy. Via Wikipedia


21" by 20'10"
53.3cm by 6.35m
3050 lbs
1383 kg
Range 13,500 yards (12,300m) at 27 knots
Warhead 385 lbs TNT
175 kg TNT
Propulsion       Alcohol-air two-stage impulse turbine

The Bliss-Leavitt Mark 8 was the first 21" destroyer torpedo deployed by the U.S. Navy, in 1915. It was a significant improvement over earlier types, with a much longer range and larger explosive charge, but it was considered obsolescent by the time war broke out in the Pacific. However, it was used on PT boats (primarily as the Mod 3) until early 1944. The age and low speed of these torpedoes likely contributed to the ineffectiveness of U.S. PT boats as torpedo boats.


Campbell (1985)

Wildenberg and Polmar (2010)

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