Vancouver, Canada

Ship entering Vancouver Harbor

Naval History and Heritage Command #NH 49831

Vancouver (123.09W 49.288N) was the only major Canadian port on the Pacific coast. Located on a sheltered fjord just north of the mouth of the Fraser River, it had excellent facilities and rail connections with the interior, and served as headquarters of Pacific Command. It was protected by a regiment each of coastal artillery and antiaircraft, with batteries at Point Grey (123.245W 49.277N), Stanley Park (123.143W 49.304N), and north shore of Burrard Inlet at the First Narrows (123.133W 49.317N).

Rail connections



Powerline connections


Climate Information:

Temperatures: Jan 41/32, Apr 58/40, Jul 74/54, Oct 57/44, record 92/2

Rainfall: Jan 20/8.6, Apr 14/3.3, Jul 7/1.2, Oct 16/5.8 == 57.4" per annum


Pearce and Smith (1990)

Stacey (accessed 2014-12-25)

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