Photograph of Wonsan area

National Archives #80-G-443316

Known as Gensan to the Japanese, Wonsan (127.442E 39.158N) was a major port on the east coast of the Korean Peninsula, with an excellent natural harbor (Eiko Bay) protected by a line of islands. It was first opened to foreign trade in 1883. There was a naval air station here and the area was protected by a heavy artillery fortress regiment.

The harbor was heavily mined by B-29 Superfortresses of 313 Bombardment Wing during the last weeks of the war.

Rail connections


Climate Information:

Elevation 120'

Temperatures: Jan 34/17, Apr 59/40, Jul 80/67, Oct 65/47, record 103/-7

Rainfall: Jan 5/1.2, Apr 6/2.8, Jul 14/10.8, Oct 6/3.0 == 52.8" per annum


Craven and Cate (1952; accessed 2011-8-9)

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Pearce and Smith (1990)

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